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Focus on Hervé Duxin : Cowboy in Wyoming & etho-coaching

What's important, and what I love, in the horse business is the correlation of talents, the profession of horseman and coach, which makes it possible to combine knowledge to establish clarity in the relationship.

What's important for horses is collaboration. It's these core values that reconnect us to each other.

Hervé DUXIN:

Ethology and ethics applied to relationships with humans and horses.

My motivation now is to combine ethology and coaching in an ethical approach to horses and humans, to provide attentive, caring support. We could call this practice etho-coaching.

Hervé has experience of working equitation in Wyoming. He worked for years on cattle ranches. He has also participated in mustang education sessions to incorporate them into the ranch's "remuda".

Hervé is at the Online Summit 2023


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