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Focus on Arlette AGASSIS : Researcher in equipedagogy - Founder of Akita equipedagogy

Arlette Agassis

Researcher in Equipedagogy Founder of Akita Equipedagogy Lecturer - Trainer Graduate in Human Resources

"My destiny, closely linked to that of horses, has led me to devote my life to improving the living and working conditions of these noble and loving creatures. Throughout my career, I have cared for 32 horses, 17 of which I took in with dangerous health and behavioral problems."

Arlette has carried out in-depth research into the relationship with the horse, and in particular everything to do with Presence, which is what makes the work of the Masters shine. She has also made numerous observations on the phenomenon of healing activated by the presence of horses. For her, being with a horse is a unique opportunity to free ourselves from the effects of fear and meet our own sovereignty.

Riding a horse with absolute respect for its physical, psychic and emotional integrity is an uplifting and transformative spiritual process, both for the horse and for the human being. When this art of being on horseback is practiced in this spirit, it enables the horse to continue its evolution by experiencing the verticalization of its posture and movements in space, developing reflexive awareness of its body and discovering that it too can understand a language that is not that of its species, the language of humans.


T +41 76 382 84 90


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