Sylvain Gillier:

Mindfulness with horses.

Hello and welcome to this page. My name is Sylvain Gillier. I am a  M.D. specialized in herbal medicine. I have been practicing horse mediation and therapy for over fifteen years, and had the honor of being taught by Linda KOHANOV  in Tucson, AZ, USA.


My intention today is to teach by example and experience how to live mindfully with horses.

Companions of humans for tens of thousands of years, horses teach us silence, inner peace and equanimity.  Around horses, I reconnect with my inner being .  

Everything is alive around me. The sun, the moon, the sky and the stars, the mountains with their springs and their lakes, the rivers and rivers, and even every breath of wind.

Everything is alive around me. My own breath, when I speak - and even when I think - is life force.


My own breath itself is alive, and my breath is pure consciousness.

Each and everyone of my heartbeats connects me to my ancestors, and therefore also to horses, since legend teaches us that there was a time when horses and humans were brothers and sisters.

In every beat of my heart is a treasure,  the treasure contained in every present moment.

So the first and most important  thing I'm becoming conscious of is to open the door to the space of possibilities . That's the path to  find in my heart the courage to go beyond my own beliefs. 


Dare to go on an adventure. Opening the door to my own heart opens the door to new possibilities with my horse. The heart opens to the space of possibilities, my heart is  in full freedom.  

A few more words about my life. I am rooted in the spiritual traditions of Europe.  I live in the forest and am connected to the animals. I facilitate horse healing workshops.

I have created active mindful meditation techniques and practices with the Horse People.  These practices and techniques are explained in my book "L'ENSEIGNEMENT DES CHEVAUX", published by Trédaniel / VEGA in 2021 - English translation is pending.


I deeply believe that the teachings of the horses are an absolute necessity today, because the world is in transition. A new world emerges. Like every other human being, I'll have to regain the original powers of consciousness and connection to our authentic Self.


In full consciousness, my life will return to the harmony , to the beauty, to the radiant power of what it was originally. Our horse relatives have known this for a long time.  They whisper in the ears of those who will be able to listen to them with an open heart .