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Sylvain Gillier:

Mindfulness with horses.

I'm a medical doctor and in my  office, for almost thirty years now, I practice homeopathy, herbal medicine,  and holistic / integrative medicines. 

Medical practice stays important to me. Listening every day to the stories, joys and sorrows of my fellow human beings makes me stay humble and close to realities. I believe this daily routine develops compassion and an  open heart . 


I've been riding horses for more than  twenty years and was trained in horsemanship by, among others, Pat Parelli. I have come to think that there is not one single  way to connect with horses. The methods that are not the most important, but adaptability and curiosity.

Horses are mirrors of our emotions . They reflect and bring out all the parts of our personalities, those that are clear and bright as well as those that are dark and confused.   Horses teach us to be congruent and aligned with our inner feelings. Simply , they lead us to this state of vigilance  to the wisdom of our body.  With  horses, we can literally  walk outside  known paths. We departure for  an adventure and discover the myths of the origin. We perceive the many  masks and facets of our personality.  


Since 2010, I professionally practice equine therapy with horses, through individual and group sessions, and  I participate in trainings with eQuintessence.


I was  certified as an Advanced Eponaquest instructor POH MH (Advanced POH MH Eponaquest Instructor ), after a 350-hour diploma course provided  in USA by Linda Kohanov and the Eponaquest Foundation in association with the University of Arizona  in Tucson (Arizona, United States). 

In 2018, I was personally trained by Linda Kohanov to become an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor and  I am facilitating advanced Eponaquest workshops.  

 Horse  is an assistant and facilitator to heal and reconstruct , in a non-verbal and experiential mode . Horse connection helps , and if the horse carried our physical loads in the past, today it takes care of our psychic and emotional burdens.


Since 2013, my path has led me to offer exchanges and sharing, in France and the USA, to the discovery of Native American traditions of the horse in the tribes of the southwest of the United States; Navajo, Apache, Tohono O'odham, in partnership with Cheval Communicatio n Association, the Native Horse Project , and local tribal associations.  These associative partnerships preserve the wisdoms of one of the last Amerindian Nations that kept its traditions alive, the Navajo Nation. Our meetings resulted in  cultural exchange projects and local actions to help wild horses on Indigenous lands. 


Connecting  with  horses is also entering a marvelous world : the universe of  legends, myths and archetypes,

I deeply believe that intelligent observation of nature leads us to principles of a forgotten science of  life. I tried to translate this  in my book " L'ENSEIGNEMENT DES CHEVAUX ", published by Guy Trédaniel / VEGA in summer 2021.


Living daily with a herd of horses in semi-freedom, my connection with nature is strong.  I believe  that nature is a mirror of spirituality.  I work in partnership with the Forest Natural Park of Chevreuse to promote biodiversity in Ile-de-France by managing natural environments with equines. Getting to know the living nature that surrounds us on a daily basis better also means knowing how to respect it.


Ihe years 2020 and 2021 have seen a series of events take place that will make the world never the same. No doubt, our planet is in transition, and society too!  Is the solution spiritual? Having been part of an initiatory circle of spiritual chivalry for years, I think so!  I also believe that animal mediation techniques, and especially horse mediation  is a useful model for the societies of tomorrow. With their innate values of community in shared governance , of non-competitiveness and of connection, with their power that they put so kindly at the service of humans,  the horses might well   to be one of the great assets for acquiring the know-hows of tomorrow.

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