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HEALING AND RECONNECTING WITH HORSES : online summit is next month

News from the online summit HEALING AND RECONNECTING WITH HORSES December 11 - 15

More than fifteen speakers for this online summit dedicated to horses as mediators... and healers. And, thanks to you, already almost 500 registrations!

Come and join the end-of-year event on mediation with our daily companion: the horse.

Over three days, you'll hear from ethologist Hélène Roche, a specialist in the observation of wild horses in their natural environment, and testimonials from sensitive and intuitive connections to the horse, with Arlette Agassis, creator of an innovative pedagogical approach, Aurélie Lecerf, and Leila Pagès, all of whom produce films and projects around this famous human-horse relationship that fascinates us more and more every day, with Laetitia Toanen from Chemins de Traverse, Hervé Duxin, who will tell us about the reality of life for cowboys on working cattle ranches in Wyoming, and horse coaches such as Alexandra Bilisko, Claire LaB, Florentine Van Thiel and Corinne Dumont, as well as reports of the special bond between Native peoples and their horses, with Rebecca Fortuné Jeanson and the writings of Yvette Running Horse Collin.

Speakers :

  • Hélène Roche, horse ethologist, specialist in horses in the wild

  • Florentine Van Thiel, certified equi-coach, trainer and author of the book "Révelez votre leadership avec l'équicoaching" ("Reveal your leadership with equicoaching")

  • Arlette Agassis , from Akita équipédagogie , Lecturer - Trainer

  • Leïla Pagès, nomadic explorer, director of the film Sans Attache, specialist in the human-horse relationship

  • Rebecca Fortuné Jeanson, Dans les Pas des Chevaux, horse welfare teacher

  • Aurélie Lecerf, director and founder of the "Un même souffle" project

  • Yvette Running Horse Collin, Member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, Creator of the Sacred Way Sanctuary, about her doctoral thesis

  • Kelsey Dayle John, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, Diné / Navajo,

  • Elodie Hammiche, from Le Cheval Enseignant, Eponaquest-certified Equicoach

  • Blandine Vallois, from Six Pieds sur Terre, Accompagnatrice at L'être en soi.

  • Laetitia Toanen, Chemins de Traverse, animal therapist and guide

  • Hervé Duxin, from TOKSHA, etho-coach, ex-cowboy in Wyoming, USA specialist.

  • Alexandra Bilisko, creator of the resource center La Légende de Tara, LSF translator

  • Corinne Dumont, entrepreneur, advanced Eponaquest instructor

  • Claire LaB, from La Stratégie du Bonheur, equicoach for non-predatory entrepreneurship


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