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Third day for the online summit Healing and Reconnecting with Horses !

Third day for the online summit Horses as Mediators, Horses as Healers, and with Sylvain Gillier, and all the team of Cheval en Conscience, we are so grateful for all the extraordinary speakers of this online summit, and for you, who are already almost a thousand to have registered

Thank you for registering on the Horse in Consciousness YouTube channel, and these YouTube registrations allow you to continue to view the replay of the interviews. Please subscribe to YouTube, it also allows us to have a better quality of subtitling and broadcasting!

You asked us about the subtitling of the videos, and it is important to know that the translations in French or English on YouTube are sometimes delayed by a few hours. French subtitles are now available for the Linda Kohanov interview that aired last night.

Today, for this third day, we welcome Julie Breukel, specialist in Tibetan medicine and ethnomedicine, creator of the Lungta center, who will talk about the traditions of the wind horse in Tibet.

At 4pm we welcome Carmen Theobald from Canada who will talk about her work with emergency services, police and horses. Carmen will present a film she made with Horse Sense North. She will also talk about her partnership with the polyvagal institute created by Stephen Porges.

At 6pm, we will be honored to host Yvette Running Horse Collin, a member of the Lakota Oglala Nation and founder of Sacred Way Sanctuary for an exclusive interview where she will present the Lakota perspective on connecting with horses. Yvette is currently in North Dakota, on the traditional Lakota lands of the Black Hills. Because of the weather, and the connection being a bit unstable, we preferred to record her interview yesterday, and broadcast it offline today.

On this link, her interview is in HD and subtitled in French:

And at 8pm, Tara Coyote is live from Hawaii (literally on the other side of the planet, 12 hours difference) to talk about her book and her victorious fight against cancer, with the healing power of horses!


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