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Online Summit Healing and reconnecting with Horses - Dec 14-16th, 2022

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

An online summit about horses, healing and equines, on three days DECEMBER 14-16, 2022

Our summit is entirely FREE OF CHARGE !

Replays are reserved for subscribers to the Cheval en Conscience YouTube Channel



and specialists of therapeutic equine facilitations

For this online summit, we have THREE ORIENTATIONS:

1. Scientific and medico-social approaches to mediation with horses:

Horse mediations in jails with Catherine MERCIER, during cancer treatments with Candice NEUVILLE , in hospitals and internists with Dr Nicole ARTZ...

2. the Eponaquest approach with horses:

Eponaquest approach and the writings of Linda KOHANOV have a strong impact on the public: during the online summt, Linda KOHANOV, author of The Tao of the Horse, will tell us how and why horses teach us. Other representatives of this approach will be presenting, as Eva REIFLER, equi-coach, teacher at VisionPure, Carole THOMAS, Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor, , Claire Lab, member of the Eponaquest teaching staff, Cécile GILBERT-KAWANO, member of the Eponaquest France teaching staff and specialist in the Somatic Experiencing approach.

3. Horse mediations and traditional cultures

with representatives of cultural horse healing approaches :

Carmen Theobald of Horse Sense North (Horse based health care interventions, Ontario, Canada), Dr. Yvette Running Horse Collin, Citizen of the Lakota Oglala Nation, Creator of the Sacred Way Sanctuary, Tara COYOTE, author of Grace, Grit & Gratitude: A Cancer Thriver's Journey from Hospice to Full Recovery with the Healing Power of Horses



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