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Focus on Eva REIFLER

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Eva Reifler is a speaker at the webinar "HEALING AND RECONNECTING WITH HORSES".

Why is the horse an exceptional ally for psychological transformation?

The past two years have been marked by one global crisis after another, often even arising simultaneously: the pandemic, increasing anxiety concerning the environment, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, inflation, dwindling resources, massive loss of biodiversity. Added to that are the conflicting reports from the press, but nuclear war is the most terrifying.

Our psyche has gone into crisis mode: it develops survival and adaptation strategies based on a permanent state of fear. The stress we are subjected to diminishes our range of action or turns into aggression because we feel so much frustration. Homo sapiens was once feared because of his hunter’s intelligence. Now he is becoming a victim of his own actions.

So how can we escape from this ever-tightening noose of fear? How can we face these external threats and our internal behavior dictated by fear? One possibility is to begin addressing our limiting beliefs. In my experience, this is particularly effective and transformative when we take advantage of skilled horse-assisted interventions. The horse is tuned into what is going on inside of you and can help you discover your needs. How can that be?

During this webinar I will share with you my experience of the factors that contribute to the transformation any horse-assisted interaction leaves on a human’s body, mind, and spirit. I hope you will gain confidence in interacting with horses or in creating well-founded arguments for your own equine facilitated practice.

Eva is the founder of Visionpure and a trainer of equicoaches.

visionpure® is the pioneer of equicoaching. Its founder Eva combines several approaches (Eponaquest, Martha Beck Life Coaching, Equus, business, psychological and equestrian skills) that allow her to identify the client's issues quickly and accurately, making the sessions particularly effective. She uses these skills to facilitate private sessions, group workshops and train-the-trainer programs (Equicoachs visionpure®). Her mission: to understand why the coaching approach with horses is so effective!

Eva will be speaking on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, at 6:00 pm, Paris time.




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