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Focus on Claire LaB

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Claire is an Entrepreneur Equicoach & Eponaquest Trainer -

and an eternal optimist!

I am coaching people who feel a call to work to change the world. My mission is to enable them, with the help of the horses, to connect to their unique personal power and to deconstruct the predatory codes of our society... and to create a more respectful world.

I also train, alongside Linda Kohanov, (future) professionals who want to integrate the Eponaquest approach into their practice.

During the webinar Healing and Reconnecting with Horses , Claire will talk about her journey as a coach, but also as an Eponaquest Instructor, answer the question that horses ask us again and again :

How do we embody our unique personal power?

Live webinar on December 14th at 6pm (Paris time)


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