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Focus on : Linda KOHANOV

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We're honored that Linda KOHANOV will be the keynote presenter of the online webinar Healing and Reconnecting with Horses on December 15th, 2022.


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Linda is an author, speaker and equine coaching specialist. Linda is internationally known as an innovator in the field of equine experiential learning with the EPONAQUEST approach, which she created.

Her book of inner experiences with her black mare Rasa, "Tao of Equus" has been translated into French under the title le Tao du Cheval . Her second book, "Riding between the worlds" was published in 2003. Both books have been used as references in university courses in the USA and have received many positive reviews. The Tao of the Horse has become a reference for countless people in France who want to reconnect with the horse.

Among her many speaking engagements in the United States and Canada, Linda KOHANOV participated in the NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) conference in 2001 and was the keynote speaker at the NARHA conference in 2003. Her Connection Focused Therapy approach, created with Dr. Rebecca Bailey, models and teaches how to effectively treat trauma in the presence of horses.

Her latest book, The POWER of The HERD, presents in a simple yet profound way what could become the leadership of the 21st century, a balance between predatory and non-predatory power.

For more information on Linda Kohanov and Eponaquest International CLICK HERE

Linda's talk is on Dec. , 15th, real time tranlation into French.


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