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Bienvenue, 2023! Welcome 2023!

Welcome to 2023 with Cheval en Conscience!

We are ready to be fully mindful with our horse companions... and especially to listen to what they have to teach us during this new year!

Connect to the YouTube Channel of Cheval en Conscience for the REPLAY of the interviews of the Online Summit Healing & Reconnecting with Horses more than 14 exclusive Interviews with Sylvain Gillier for Cheval en Conscience!

Thanks to you, are already thousands to have joined us!

Thank you to our incredible speakers, thank you for your testimonies and your authenticity:

THANK YOU Linda KOHANOV , Dr Nicole ARTZ, Yannique BOURGLAN, Claire LaB, Candice NEUVILLE, Catherine MERCIER, Carole THOMAS, Cécile Gilbert / Anne Mathieu, Eva REIFLER , Julie BREUKEL , Carmen THEOBALD, Yvette Running Horse COLLIN , Tara COYOTE,

THANK YOU to our volunteers for the technical help, and to Lorraine TILBURY for the help in the translation


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