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Focus on Laetitia Toanen, Ecotherapist and ritual practices with horses

For the past 20 years, Laetitia Toanen has been working with living practices and rituals to help men and women find their way back to nature.

Working on a 40-hectare farm in Quebec with a herd of 7 free-ranging horses, she offers spaces for self-reconnection, rites of passage, retreats, accompaniment and workshops to connect with our roots, thanks to the relationship she has forged with them and the various elements that surround them.

My name is Laetitia Toanen. I'm the mother of three children and a little star.

My ever-growing desire to help humans reconnect and develop a close contact with nature has led me to work as a naturalist, a dogsled and horse-drawn expedition guide, a zootherapist, a perinatal coach and a photographer, as well as collaborating with various blogs and magazines, writing several books and creating outdoor self-exploration workshops.

These are all ways for me to communicate and share a precious essence of life, a wisdom taught by nature and understood through close contact, silence, patience and porosity.

Nature has always been a part of my life, with its cycles, its beauty and the anchoring it is for me.

In 2014, I created Chemins de Traverse and opened the Eskoumina yurt, a heaven-fallen lair in the middle of the boreal forest, so that men and women could gather together sheltered from the world, find themselves, listen to what's whispering inside them, become aware of what's straddling them and tame it to Walk in Beauty.

A few years later, as life came rushing at me, I went to Arizona to meet the mustangs. Alongside a remarkable family, I was able to explore the principles of connections and constellations with horses according to traditional Navajo knowledge. It was the beginning of a new life, a path of healing. Horses became a kind of extension of myself.

Aware and sensitive to these new dimensions, in 2019 I took the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® training with Horse Spirit Connections.

It was a revelation, the piece of the puzzle I needed to validate all my intuitions and link my experiences. This is how I discovered that in the breath of horses is woven a mixture of the invisible and the sacred where everything becomes possible, allowing me to facilitate various accompaniments with horses to allow the liberation of certain hindrances and bring us closer to our dreams.

Inspired by the cycle of the seasons, I weave together talking circles, healing workshops, retreats, constellations, rites of passage, red tents and accompaniments with horses as sacred gestures to connect with oneself, to be seen and heard.

Unique opportunities to catch our breath somewhere between our inner nature and what nature outside whispers to us. These moments are an opportunity to connect with oneself, to recharge one's batteries, to explore, and are remarkable times of anchoring that weave special bonds, give meaning to life, ease passages, cultivate gratitude and nourish the essence of who we are.

It's a path through life, a hymn to our sovereignty, a dance of wholeness!

Laetitia is at the 2023 Online Summit


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