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Focus on Carole Thomas

Carole is instructor in Equine Facilitated Coaching (Eponaquest Instructor - POH and Advanced Sentient Communication, Master Medicine Horse Way Instructor).

She created the Power of Horses in 2011.

Carole will talk about her journey with the power of horses and will focus on the famous NOW Program that she leads.

"I was trained in the Eponaquest approach by Linda Kohanov in the United States in 2011, and then had the good fortune to work in a duo for several years with Carol Roush, Linda's right-hand woman, and to participate in the construction of the Medicine Horse Way approach with Carol.

After more than 15 years as a corporate executive and... in parallel, 15 years also of participation in a consciousness development group, and 15 years of "horseback riding" (on horseback, on foot, in carriage :-) ), I created The Power of Horses.

Since then :

- I accompany people who want to reconnect their full authentic power, and who are sensitive to a global and coherent approach, deeply respectful of each person, which gives them tools to powerfully address the relationship to oneself, to others, to the world. An approach that combines intuitive, concrete, subtle, theoretical, experiential aspects&... horses and their incredible relational intelligence. For a progressive and profound journey, in a good mood and (almost) without realizing it. In workshops or individual sessions.

- I design and organize workshops for companies that want to put the human being back at the center of their concerns.

- I train future professionals by leading the Medicine Horse Way Instructor training in France,

- and I supervise equicoaching and equine mediation professionals in their practice and in further training, in particular on their posture of accompaniment, on the power of their accompaniment, and on the challenges they may encounter.

Moreover, I am lucky enough to be accompanied on a daily basis by a Lord Pony, a Golden Horse, and, from above, by a sparkling Unicorn. In the middle of nature, in the hills of Provence."


Carole THOMAS - The Power of Horses

06 12 23 53 83

(1) Le Pouvoir des Chevaux - Eponaquest and Medicine Horse Way approach | Facebook


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