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Focus : Carmen Theobald

Carmen Theobald is a self-actualization and empowerment coach, partnering with horses to offer personal growth, leadership and team development, as well as trauma recovery. She is the founder and director of Horse Sense North, located on the traditional territory of the Anishinabek Nation in North Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Carmen is also the Canadian Partner to the Polyvagal Equine Institute (PVEI), and works closely with Dr. Rebecca Bailey and other members of the PVEI team.

Carmen's background in this work is diverse. She has worked with thousands of horses as a farrier (professional hoof care for horses), is certified as an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor, and embodies a deep understanding of shared human emotions and experiences, partly due to Post Traumatic Growth. She combines all of this to create protected spaces for others to explore and develop more “horse sense”, adding more clarity, connection and courage to every aspect of life.

Having done extensive work with multiple organizations of interprofessional health care teams and other helping professionals, Carmen is now turning her focus to first responders, offering transformational support that is completely different and that actually works.

We are so happy to announce that Carmen is talking on December 16th at the online Summit " Healing and Re-connecting with Horses".

To learn more about Carmen and Horse Sense North, please visit their website:


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