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Focus on Anne Mathieu & Cécile Gilbert-Kawano

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Anne and Cécile are speakers at the Online Summit HEALING AND RECONNECTING WITH HORSES next December

Anne and Cécile share the same intention of helping people wounded by life to regain their joy of living. They are committed to creating the conditions of security and trust necessary for people who come to see them to leave with their wounds magnified, having recovered the autonomy, flexibility and power that are deep within them.

They will present :

1/ The "Flora®" device, which is an aid to social, relational and emotional reconstruction for women victims of violence and their children.

This experiential learning process was created by Anne 9 years ago and has been carried out in the Paris region for more than 5 years (with Cécile among others). It will be offered (in the form of the "Riding the Tiger©" course) in 2023 in New Aquitaine by Kintsugi Coaching & Therapy. Such a program provides valuable support and the opportunity to change the dynamics of one's life because what is felt and experienced in contact with horses during this program is acquired and anchored in the body's memory, allowing women victims of violence and their children to slowly take control of their lives. The beauty is that they (and their children) learn to do this by respecting themselves and being respected.

Insults and repeated beatings, even kidnapping and attempted murder: these women have endured so much violence that they have finally lost all confidence in themselves. "I am the victim, but I am afraid of the judgment of others. The horse allowed me to express my emotions without feeling the gaze of others," confided another.

2/ Horses Healing Trauma® training:

a skills development course on trauma and horses. How to identify that a person has a reaction linked to a traumatic event? How to avoid "re-traumatizing" them? How can we support them by taking this reality into account - without locking them into a victim's experience? The Horses Healing Trauma training is experiential learning oriented and is based on a subtle and powerful weaving of Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory and Linda Kohanov's Eponaquest™ approach.

It is organized in 3 parts to allow participants to fully benefit from each module (the Essentials allow access to the "CFT - Connection Focused Therapy©" Masterclass and then a deepening including a supervision and a support group)

During this training, the theoretical contributions are complemented by practical exercises (most of them in interaction with horses) which allow participants to experience and live the consequences of the traumas they have experienced, in order to take them better into account in their accompaniment.

Anne Mathieu

is Eponaquest® Equi-coach (Linda Kohanov), Somatic Experiencing® body-psych practitioner (Peter Levine), Equusoma® (Sarah Schlote) and trainer in Emotion'Aid® (Gina Ross - International Trauma Institute), Connection Focused Therapy (Linda Kohanov - Rebecca Bailey)

Anne offers individual sessions, group workshops, trainings and seminars in horse-facilitated coaching for individuals, institutions and companies with an experiential approach with horses.

Creator of the "Riding the Tiger©" course Anne has been accompanying women and children victims of violence and all people living with post traumatic stress or with chronic stress since 2014. She is also a Feng-Shui practitioner.

She founded VITAO 12 years ago and lives with her horses in the heart of a 15-hectare hardwood forest in Aubiac (33) in the South of Gironde.

06 62 36 97 27

Facebook : VITAO - Eponaquest approach

Cécile Gilbert-Kawano

is a Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Equicoach (Eponaquest® Linda Kohanov), Body-Psych practitioner in Somatic Experiencing® (Peter Levine), trained in Brief Systemic Therapy (Ecole du Paradoxe), Soma Embodiment® (Sonia Gomes), Hypnotherapy (Xtrema and International Hypnosis Research Institute).

Cécile has been accompanying humans for over 30 years. She is a member of the Eponaquest Worldwide teaching team and trains future instructors in France with Claire LaB. She has translated the books: "The Way of the Horse", "For Socially Intelligent Leadership" by Linda Kohanov and "How (and why) Horses Do Us Good: Polyvalent Theory and Equitherapy" by Rebecca Bailey.

She accompanies human evolution in all its forms. Her experience in therapy as well as in communication, teamwork, conflict management, stress management, emotional and relational intelligence, allows her to accompany individuals and professionals.

She founded Cégéka Développements in 2004.

06 82 22 32 26


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