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Healing and re-connecting with horses

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WEDNESDAY 14th December

(Times are Paris, France)
all interviews are online on the Youtube channel of Cheval en Conscience

December 14th 2pm :
Dr Nicole ARTZ
MD, creator of Monarch Equine Facilitated Learning, an equine mediation program for hospital interns and medical students.
(Interview in English with French subtitles)
View interview on YouTube

December 14th, 4pm :
equithérapeute, professional musician, riding instructor and director of the association EQUI - M,
(Interview in French, subtitled in English)
View Interview on YouTube

December 14, 6pm : Claire LaB
Claire is an Equicoach for Entrepreneurs & Eponaquest trainer - and an eternal optimist!
(Interview in French with English subtitles)
LIVE on YouTube

December 14, 7pm: Candice NEUVILLE
Candice is a health executive in an oncology department and in a nursing training institute. She conducts equine mediation sessions with people affected by cancer with her structure, Animal'Aide.
(Interview in French, subtitled in English)

December 14th, 8pm :
Catherine MERCIER
Catherine is an Equitherapist and Equicoach, Clinical Psychologist and Trainer. She intervenes with horses in penitentiary centers.
Her high quality work contributes to a better reintegration of prisoners.
(Interview in French, subtitled in English)

The interviews in French are subtitled in English on the Youtube channel of Cheval en Conscience. To access the subtitles, activate the subtitles by clicking on the cc logo below the video, then click on settings (the logo with a cogwheel), activate the subtitles, then choose "English - automatically generated". 

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